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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: The Neon API specification now shows the default (10) and maximum (100) pagination values for the List projects API endpoint. These settings were enforced previously but were not included in the Neon API specification.
  • API: Updating a project name resulted in the loss of values defined in default_endpoint_settings property, which defines custom settings for project's compute endpoints.
  • Control Plane: Increased the PgBouncer maximum client connection setting from 1000 to 10000, enabling Neon to support up to 10000 simultaneous connections. For more information about connection pooling in Neon, see Connection pooling.
  • Control Plane: Added an internal retry mechanism for connections to the Neon proxy, which improves the success rate for connection attempts. The Neon proxy is a service that accepts and handles connections from clients that use the Postgres protocol.
  • Control Plane: A chain of operations failed to run in the expected order due to a lock related issue. In addition to operations running out of sequence, some operations were executed more than once.
  • UI: Added Content-Security-Policy (CSP) HTTP response headers to enhance Neon Console security. CSP headers provide an additional layer of security for web pages by allowing a website to control what resources (such as scripts, stylesheets, and images) can be loaded and executed on its pages.
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