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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: The default_endpoint_settings property in the Project schema was split into default_endpoint_settings and settings. The default_endpoint_settings property is now used exclusively for Postgres specific settings applied to a project's compute endpoints. The settings property is used for general project settings such as the compute quota. If you have been using createProject or updateProject API requests in your code, you may need to update those requests to account for this change.
  • UI: Updated various UI elements in the Neon Console to rename Endpoints to Compute endpoints. The term Endpoint was not specific enough to accurately reflect the resource being referred to. A Compute endpoint in Neon refers the compute instance that runs Postgres.
  • UI: Added a PRIMARY badge to identify the primary branch of a Neon project. The badge is visible on the Branches page in the Neon Console and in other UI elements that show a project's branches.
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