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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Integrations: You can now integrate Neon with your Vercel project directly from your Vercel account. The new integration, which is currently in Beta, is available from the Vercel Integration Marketplace. The integration allows you to connect your Vercel project to a new or existing Neon project. It also enables creating a database branch for each Vercel preview deployment and for your Vercel development environment. For more information about the Neon-Vercel integration, see Connect Vercel and Neon.

  • Control Plane: You can now enable connection pooling in Neon for individual connections. Pooling is enabled by adding a -pooler suffix to the endpoint ID in the Neon hostname. For example:


    Connections that do not specify the -pooler suffix connect to the database directly. The ability to enable pooling for individual connections supports workflows that require both pooled and non-pooled connections to the same database. For example, serverless applications that use Prisma Client require a pooled connection, while Prisma Migrate requires a direct connection to the database. For more information, see Enable connection pooling.

    The previous method of enabling connection pooling for a compute endpoint is deprecated. When switching to the new per-connection method, be sure to disable connection pooling at the compute endpoint. You can do so by editing the compute endpoint.

  • Console: Added validation to ensure that emails are provided in the expected format when creating a Neon account.

  • Control Plane: Added validation for the Log Sequence Number (LSN) provided when creating a branch from a particular LSN value to prevent the possibility of creating a branch from an unrelated parent branch. An appropriate error is now reported when an invalid LSN value is provided.

  • UI: With the removal of the endpoint limit, endpoints no longer appear in the Project limits widget on the Neon Dashboard.

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