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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: The response body for projects, branches, and endpoints now exposes a creation_source property. Currently, the creation_source property identifies the console as the creation source in all cases but will eventually identify other sources, such as the Neon API.
  • API: Listing projects with the Neon API now supports cursor-based pagination. Pagination enables limiting the number of responses displayed at one time, which is useful when a response includes a large number of projects. By default, the first 10 projects are returned. You can set the limit parameter to request up to 100 projects.
  • API: Fixed a race condition that occurred when creating a project and attempting to fetch information about branch in the same project.
  • Control Plane: Added support for OpenTelemetry for a number of operations. OpenTelemetry is an observability framework that assists in generating and capturing telemetry data from cloud-native software.
  • Control Plane: Removed the stop_compute operation, which is no longer used. It was replaced by suspend_compute.
  • Control Plane: Fixed a cannot execute GRANT in a read-only error that occurred when a database owner enabled the default_transaction_read_only setting, preventing the Control Plane from configuring the compute instance.
  • UI: Revised the layout of the Neon Console to improve navigation. The following enhancements were implemented:
    • A new sidebar with icons replaces the navigation bar that was located at the top of the console.
    • Operations, Databases, and Users pages, previously accessed from the Project settings page, are now directly accessible from the sidebar.
    • Links to Community, Feedback, Docs, Release notes, and Support, previously located in a Help menu in the navigation bar, were moved to the sidebar for easier access.
    • The Neon account avatar was moved from the top right corner of the console to the sidebar.
  • UI: Fixed the positioning of selection menus in the console to avoid scrolling outside intended boundaries.
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