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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Added a branch_logical_size_limit attribute to the Neon API Project response body, which shows the logical data size limit for project branches. This attribute replaces the logical_size_limit attribute, which was shown in the Branch response body. The Neon Free Tier limits the logical data size of a branch to 3072 MiB (3 GiB).
  • API: Added the ability to delete or reassign the endpoint associated with a project's root branch. Previously, these actions could not be performed on the endpoint associated with a project's root branch. You can edit or delete an endpoint by selecting Edit or Delete from the kebab menu in the table on the Endpoints page.
  • API: Updated descriptions and examples in the Neon API v2 reference.
  • API: Added validation to ensure that the name specified when creating a role does not exceed 63 bytes. Role names longer than 63 bytes caused compute startup issues.
  • Control Plane: Migrated older branches that were created using the Neon API v1 to their parent project. Branches created with Neon API v1 existed as separate Neon projects. After the migration, the branches exist as Neon API v2 branch and endpoint objects that belong to a parent project. Connection strings for migrated branches, which use the old project_id in the hostname, are no longer valid. Instead of the project_id, an endpoint_id must be specified in the hostname. For information about constructing a valid connection string, see Connect from any application. An email with migration instructions was sent to affected users.
  • UI: Added a Pooler enabled toggle control to the Edit endpoint dialog to permit enabling or disabling connection pooling for endpoint compute instances. The same control is available on the Create endpoint dialog. Previously, connection pooling was enabled or disabled for a project, and the control was located in Settings > General. Connection pooling is disabled, by default. For more information about Neon's connection pooling feature, see Connection pooling.
  • UI: Completed the migration of the Neon Console from Neon API v1 to Neon API v2. The Neon API v1 is deprecated.
  • UI: Added a Region column to the Projects dialog in the Neon Console to show the region where a Neon project resides.
  • UI: Improved WebSockets integration with the Neon Console, and added Websocket support for endpoint updates.
  • UI: Passwords are now temporarily displayed in the Connection Details widget on the project Dashboard after project creation and password reset operations. The password is displayed until you navigate away from the Neon Console or refresh the browser.
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