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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Added request and response body examples to the Neon API v2 specification.
  • API: Disabled deleting or changing the endpoint compute instance associated with a project's root branch.
  • API: Added a logical_size_limit attribute to the branch schema, which shows the data size limit for a branch.
  • API: Renamed the max_project_size attribute in Neon API v1 specification to branch_logical_size_limit.
  • API: Removed the max_project_size attribute from Neon v2 API schema.
  • API: Fixed a project duplication issue in the list projects method in the Neon API v1.
  • Control Plane: Implemented a forced suspension of endpoints that are unresponsive for more than 2 hours.
  • Control Plane: Improved the reliability of the passwordless auth feature.
  • Control Plane: Fixed an issue that caused an endpoint to be created in a region other than the project's region.
  • UI: Removed the Neon invite gate. An invitation is no longer required to try Neon. It is available to everyone. For more information, refer to the Neon is Live! blog post.
  • UI: Released the Neon database branching feature. Branching is now available to all users. For more information, refer to the Database Branching for Postgres with Neon blog post.
  • UI: Added new and improved popup dialogs for project, branch, and role creation.
  • UI: Added an Endpoints page to the Neon Console for creating and managing endpoints, which are the compute resources in your Neon project. For more information about endpoints, see Endpoints.
  • UI: Enabled creating branches with data up to a specified Log Sequence Number (LSN).
  • UI: Updated the passwordless auth feature to show the branch name on the browser page that is displayed during authentication.
  • UI: Updated the Create branch page to display the local timezone when selecting the Time option during branch creation.
  • UI: Removed branches without endpoints from the branch selector in Neon SQL Editor. To query a branch, the branch must have an associated endpoint through which a connection can be established.
  • UI: Added a Free tier widget to the Neon Dashboard, which shows how many branches and endpoints you have created and the status of your free tier limits. The widget also shows the data size limit per branch, which is 3 GiB. For information about Free Tier limits, see Free Tier.
  • UI: Enabled reset password functionality for non-root branches.
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