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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Creating branches using the Neon API v1 is now deprecated.
  • API: Added support for cursor pagination when listing operations.
  • API: Added validation for empty names to branch and project endpoints.
  • API: Added LSN validation to the create branch endpoint.
  • API: Made the parent_id and name attributes optional when creating a branch.
  • API: Added a complete endpoint hostname value in the endpoint response body.
  • API: Added support for changing the branch of an endpoint.
  • API: Added an allow_connections flag for endpoints to permit disabling connections to the endpoint.
  • API: Added support for creating a branch without an endpoint, which is now the default if the endpoints attribute is not specified. Creating a branch without an endpoint supports backup uses cases and useful in scenarios where the number of branches exceeds the number of available endpoints due to endpoint limits.
  • API: Added response examples to the API specification.
  • API: Create project and create endpoints now treat the region_id parameter as The attribute was previously treated as region.handle. Code that uses these endpoints may need to be updated.
  • API: Fixed the ordering of operations and projects.
  • API: Corrected the error reported when a duplicate branch name is used.
  • Control Plane: Added handling for ID collisions when creating a branch or endpoint.
  • Control Plane: Renamed the ready-to-use database created in the root branch of a Neon project from main to neondb.
  • Control Plane: Added new autoscaling limits.
  • Control Plane: Added a project maintenance flag.
  • Control Plane: Added a region maintenance and testing flag.
  • UI: Added a branch ID value and Create branch button to the branch details page in the console.
  • UI: Updated the Neon Free Tier limits. See Free Tier for details. The new Neon Free Tier limits apply to both new and existing projects, but the previous 10 GiB storage limit will be honored for existing projects that currently have more than 3 GiB of data.
  • UI: Added a Delete endpoint button to the Endpoints page.
  • UI: Updated the Neon passwordless auth feature to select an endpoint to connect to instead of a project.
  • UI: Fixed an endpoint polling issue.
  • UI: Stopped polling when deleting a project.
  • UI: Added handling for errors that occur when polling endpoint status.
  • UI: Removed visibility of internal service roles.
  • UI: Added handling for sign-in during passwordless auth.
  • UI: Fixed the NodeJS connection string example in the Connection Details widget on the Dashboard.
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