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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Added a protected: boolean flag to the roles public API response.
  • API: Changed region and platform ids from serial numbers to strings in the public API.
  • API: Changed the operations id from a serial number to a UUID type in the public API.
  • Control Plane: Added an internal mechanism for relocating projects between Pageservers.
  • Control Plane: Stopped sending metrics to Grafana Cloud.
  • Control Plane: Removed usage of the obsolete zenith_ctl binary.
  • Control Plane: Split the monolithic project object into project, branches, and endpoints in the internal database schema.
  • Control Plane: Fixed a passwordless auth issue that occurred when creating a new project using the project selection interface.
  • Integrations: Added read, update, delete project access scopes for OAuth applications.
  • Integrations: Added the ability to select access scopes and projects on the OAuth consent page.
  • UI: Fixed a failure that occurred after receiving an empty response in the SQL Editor.
  • UI: Fixed an issue to ensure that table names are reset when switching between schemas on the Tables page in the Neon Console.
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