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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Control Plane: Set max_replication_write_lag to 15 MB to tune the backpressure mechanism and improve PostgresSQL responsiveness under load.
  • Control Plane: Improved the ability to investigate performance issues by collecting and saving more detailed compute node startup time metrics.
  • UI: The Neon SQL Editor now maintains a history of previously executed queries and permits saving queries. For more information about these capabilities, see Query with Neon's SQL Editor.
  • UI: Added token-based authorization to Neon's public API.
  • UI: Changed the display status of operations waiting in the queue from In progress to Scheduling.
  • UI: Disabled controls that incorrectly remained enabled while the Neon project was in a transitive state.
  • UI: Fixed incorrect encoding when switching between code samples in the Connection Details widget on the project Dashboard, and added descriptions to connection string examples.
  • UI: Fixed various typos and errors.
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