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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Compute: Enabled the use of the CREATE EXTENSION statement for users that are not database owners.
  • Compute: Updated the Postgres version to 14.4.
  • Compute: Renamed the following custom configuration parameters:
    • zenith.page_server_connstring to neon.pageserver_connstring
    • zenith.zenith_tenant to neon.tenant_id
    • zenith.zenith_timeline to neon.timeline_id
    • zenith.max_cluster_size to neon.max_cluster_size
    • wal_acceptors to safekeepers
  • Control Plane: Renamed zenith_admin role to cloud_admin.
  • Pageserver: Implemented a page service fullbackup endpoint that works like basebackup but also sends relational files.
  • Pageserver: Added support for importing a base backup taken from a standalone Postgres instance or another Pageserver using psql copy.
  • Pageserver: Fixed the database size calculation to count Visibility Maps (VMs) and Free Space Maps (FSMs) in addition to the main fork of the relation.
  • Pageserver: Updated the timeline size reported when DROP DATABASE is executed.
  • Pageserver: Decreased the number of threads by running gc and compaction in a blocking tokio thread pool.
  • Pageserver: Switched to per-tenant attach/detach. Download operations of all timelines for one tenant are now grouped together so that branches can be used safely with attach/detach.
  • Proxy: Added support for propagating SASL/SCRAM Postgres authentication errors to clients.
  • Safekeeper: Added support for backing up Write-Ahead Logs (WAL) to S3 storage for disaster recovery.
  • Safekeeper: Added support for downloading WAL from S3 storage on demand.
  • Safekeeper: Switched to etcd subscriptions to keep Pageservers up to date with the Safekeeper status.
  • Safekeeper: Implemented JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication in the Safekeeper HTTP API.
  • Safekeeper: Fixed the walreceiver connection selection mechanism:
    • Reconnecting to a Safekeeper immediately after it fails is now avoided by limiting candidates to those with the fewest connection attempts.
    • Increased the max_lsn_wal_lag default setting to avoid constant reconnections during normal work.
    • Fixed wal_connection_attempts maintenance, preventing busy reconnection loops.
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