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Expanding our Partner Program

Bringing reliable and scalable Postgres to your developers

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At Neon, we aspire to bring Postgres to as many developers as possible, a vision that is shared by our rapidly growing ecosystem of partners. Since the launch of our partner program, we have been fortunate to work with partners like Vercel, Replit, and others to reach hundreds of thousands of developers who are now building their applications on serverless Postgres.

“By partnering with Neon, Vercel’s frontend platform is now the end‑to‑end serverless solution for building on the Web, from Next.js all the way to SQL”

Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel

Today, we are excited to announce an expansion of our partner program by offering two partner tiers:

  1. Standard Partners: the simplest way for a developer platform to become a Neon partner. With fast onboarding, you can start to embed serverless Postgres into your platform, and offer our features to your customers.
  2. Premier Partners:  for larger platforms who would like custom features and dedicated resources, we’re offering the Premier Partners tier, a more dedicated program focused on the needs of the Enterprise.

Who are these partner options for? The short answer: any developer platform interested in offering scalable databases to their users without having to worry about infrastructure.

The long answer: we’re partnering with frontend platforms, low-code/no-code platforms, modern IDEs, data tools and essentially companies looking to make it easy for their developers to create and scale transactional databases in their applications.  

If this sounds like you, keep reading.

Why become a Neon partner?

Over the past year, Neon has grown to serve over 500K databases. Developers love Neon’s product velocity, supported by features like database branching, scale to zero, and autoscaling. And our partners love that they can offer this experience to their customers by seamlessly integrating Neon into their platforms via the Neon API, also taking advantage of security enhancements like IP allow

If you’re a partner, you also get access to 24×7 technical support, and as part of our partnership, we will scale up our marketing efforts to help you reach more developers.  Our existing partners have already been able to leverage the Neon advantage to support their product and commercial success. Vercel and Replit incorporated serverless Postgres into their platforms and have been offering it to their developers since early 2023. Many other platforms have also decided to leverage Neon to serve their developers’ needs.

Why are these companies choosing Neon? 

  1. Automated API for databases. Neon is like Stripe for databases. Our partners just plug the Neon API into their platforms and start generating revenue..
  2. Efficient cloud model. Infrastructure management is not your concern. Neon automatically scales idle databases to zero, leading to significant cost savings, and scales up with load.
  3. Loved by developers. Neon is Postgres, the most loved, most familiar, most widely adopted database in the world.

Introducing our partner plans

As part of this expansion, we are excited to offer two partner options:

Standard PartnerPremier Partner
Monthly price Starts at $500/mo
Including usage
Usage Billed at a 10% discount
versus list price
If > 200 projects contact for custom pricing
Compute unitsUp to 7 compute units Custom
Features All Scale plan featuresAll Enterprise plan features
Service SLA of 99.99
Partner API 
Custom reporting
Level 1 24X7 support
Level 2 shared 24X7 support
Dedicated partner manager
Custom domains

Partner with us

Interested? Reach out to our team here.

To you and all of our partners: thank you! Together, we’ll bring serverless Postgres to every developer.