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Create up to 1,000 Neon projects without extra cost

Our partner plans now include more projects

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At Neon, we are committed to listening to our customers and partners, and constantly striving to improve our services based on your feedback. That’s why we’re excited to announce a significant improvement to our partnership program: partners can now create up to 1,000 projects without cost as part of their partnership agreement.

This increased project limit, combined with Neon’s scale to zero capabilities, enables partners to focus on growing their customer base instead of worrying about overhead costs. They can create a dedicated project for every new customer, giving each a managed database to play with right away. This accelerates time to value and enhances customer satisfaction; at the same time, these databases scale to zero, keeping costs as low as possible.

What is the Neon partnership program? 

The Neon partnership program includes special pricing plans for those companies looking to expand their own platforms with a managed database, but don’t want to get into the business of database hosting themselves. By becoming partners, they can integrate Neon into their applications via OAuth or API-based integrations. 

The OAuth integration allows companies to integrate Neon into their platforms (e.g. you can create a Neon project via Hasura), while the API integration enables partners to offer managed databases as a fully incorporated element of their products (e.g. RetoolDB is powered by Neon).

What is a Neon project? 

In the context of the Neon platform, a project represents the highest level of isolation for managing serverless Postgres databases, ideal for maintaining distinct environments for different customers. By allowing partners to create up to 1,000 projects without additional costs, Neon significantly enhances the ability for partners to scale their offerings. Each project can be dedicated to a specific customer, ensuring maximal isolation and security, and facilitating growth as partners can simply add more projects as their client base expands.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner? 

  • Scale on demand without managing servers. Just focus on getting more users, Neon does the rest.
  • Take advantage of Neon’s scale-to-zero to only pay for active database usage, significantly reducing overhead costs.
  • Automate all database management tasks via integrations and APIs. Focus on your own application, not on managing databases. 
  • Provide a top-notch user experience with instant database provisioning. Don’t keep your users waiting. 
  • Implement secure connections and manage user permissions efficiently through Neon’s security guarantees.
  • Gain access to Neon’s team of Postgres experts, ensuring reliable support for any technical challenges.
  • Leverage joint marketing efforts with Neon to enhance your visibility and reach a broader audience.

Which companies are Neon partners? 

Companies like Retool, Vercel, Koyeb, Replit, Hasura, and many others are partners. Explore our case studies to read more about how they’re using Neon.

“Neon’s serverless philosophy is aligned with our vision — no infrastructure to manage, no servers to provision, no database cluster to maintain — making them the obvious partner to power our serverless Postgres offering”

CTO at Koyeb

“We’ve been able to automate virtually all database management tasks via the Neon API. The scale-to-zero functionality of Neon allows us to offer dedicated databases to our customers without worrying about the cost of idle resources”

Sr Engineer at Retool

“The combination of flexible resource limits and nearly instant database provisioning made Neon a no-brainer to power our hosted Postgres offering”

Infrastructure Engineer at Replit

“By partnering with Neon, Vercel’s frontend platform is now the end-to-end serverless solution for building on the Web, from Next.js all the way to SQL”

CEO at Vercel

How can I apply?

If you’re interested in hearing more about the partnership plans, fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you shortly.