Ship faster with database branching workflows: Add prod-like data to your preview and local dev environments.

Calling all YC startups: we have a special deal for you

$100k /year worth of credits. Plus, we’ll match any competitor’s offer

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YC startups: we know the grind (customer obsession, rapid iterations, the need to scale with tight budgets) so we’re rolling out a special deal for you.

If you’re in Y Combinator, you can claim $100k worth of Neon credits for your first year. And if you stumble upon a better deal somewhere else, let us know. We’ll match it. 

To apply, just leave us your email here.

Why building on Neon

Two words: development velocity. Neon’s serverless nature allows you to spin up databases in seconds, and the ability to branch your data and schema allows you to ship faster than ever before:

Multiple database branches can be used simultaneously to test different fixes or updates without any risk for conflicts. This is sustainable also: branching uses a copy-on-write system in Neon, making database branches very resource-efficient and virtually free.

With branching, we can test with actual data and spot and fix errors easily. Since every engineer can work on an individual branch that mirrors production, we can collaboratively develop, test, and debug in a synchronized manner. (W24) is building a mind-blowing AI sales agent using Neon

Jump aboard 

If you’re a YC startup, send us your contact info and claim your deal.