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Connect a Rust application to Neon

This guide describes how to create a Neon project and connect to it from a Rust application.

  1. Create a Neon project
  2. Configure the connection

Create a Neon project

When creating a Neon project, take note of your user name, password, and database name. This information is required when configuring a connection from your Rust app.

To create a Neon project:

  1. Navigate to the Projects page in the Neon Console.
  2. Click New Project.
  3. Specify a name, a PostgreSQL version, a region, and click Create Project.

Configure the connection

Add the Neon connection details to your file.

use postgres::{Client, NoTls};

fn main() {
 let mut client = Client::connect("user=<user> dbname=<dbname> password=<password>", NoTls).expect("connection error");

 for row in client.query("select version()", &[]).expect("query error") {
     let version: &str = row.get(0);
     println!("version: {}", version);


  • <user> is the database user, which is found on the project Dashboard, under Connection Details.
  • <dbname> is the database name (the default Neon project database is main).
  • <password> is the database user's password, which is provided to you when you create a Neon project.
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