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The latest product updates from Neon

Postgres extension support

Added support for the timescaledb extension, which scales Postgres for time-series data. For more information about Postgres extensions supported by Neon, see Postgres extensions.

Fixes & improvements

  • UI: Added hover help to the PRIMARY branch badge that identifies a branch as the primary branch for a project. The help message states that the compute endpoint associated with the primary branch remains accessible if you exceed project limits, ensuring uninterrupted access to the data on your primary branch.
  • UI: Fixed the Neon Project Creation dialog to display a value for the Fixed Size compute option. A value was not displayed previously.
  • UI: Fixed the Create Compute Endpoint and Edit Compute Endpoint dialogs to enable switching between Fixed Size and Autoscaling compute options, enabling you to configure the compute size for each compute endpoint individually. For information about Neon's Autoscaling feature, see Autoscaling.
  • UI: Fixed the Edit Compute Endpoint dialog so that the Autoscaling compute provisioning slider does not permit selecting unsupported minimum values. The minimum compute size for Autoscaling is 1 vCPU and 4 GB of RAM.
  • UI: Fixed an issue that caused text on the Neon Dashboard to overflow when reducing the size of the browser window.
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