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The latest product updates from Neon

Fixes & improvements

  • Pageserver: Added disk_size and instance_type properties to the Pageserver API. This data is required to support assigning Neon projects to Pageservers based on Pageserver disk usage.
  • Proxy: Added error reporting for unusually low proxy_io_bytes_per_client metric values.
  • Proxy: Added support for additional domain names to enable partner integrations with Neon.
  • Proxy: The passwordless authentication proxy ignored non-wildcard common names, passing a None value instead. A non-wildcard common name is now set, and an error is reported if a None value is passed.
  • Safekeeper: The wal_backup_lsn is now advanced after each WAL segment is offloaded to storage to avoid lags in WAL segment cleanup.
  • Safekeeper: Added a timeout for reading from the socket in the Safekeeper WAL service to avoid an accumulation of waiting threads.
  • Pageserver: Corrected an issue that caused data layer eviction to occur at a percentage above the configured disk-usage threshold.
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