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The latest product updates from Neon

Configurable autosuspend

You can now configure the period of inactivity after which a compute is automatically suspended by modifying the Suspend compute after a period of inactivity setting for a compute endpoint. For example, you can increase the setting to reduce how often a compute is suspended, or you can disable the feature entirely to ensure that a compute remains active. The maximum autosuspend setting is 86400 seconds (24-hours). A setting of 0 means use the default (5 minutes / 300 seconds), and a setting of -1 means never suspend the compute. You can access the configuration dialog by editing a compute endpoint. Autosuspend delay

Monitor storage on the Dashboard

Added a Storage widget to the Neon Dashboard that shows current project storage size, number of branches, and data size for the primary branch. These metrics previously appeared in the Usage widget. Storage widget

Postgres extension support

Added support for the pg_stat_statements extension, which provides tracking of plan and execution statistics for SQL statements. For more information about Postgres extensions supported by Neon, see Postgres extensions.

Fixes & improvements

  • API: Added consumption_period_start and consumption_period_end properties to the Get project details API. These properties provide the date and time when Neon starts and stops measuring usage for the current billing period.
  • API: Project limits for shared projects are now checked against the project owner's limits. Previously, limits were checked against the project user's limits, which could prevent a Free Tier user from making full use of a project shared by a Pro plan user.
  • Control Plane: Added an option to allow the Neon Control Plane to provide a compute node configuration specification in an API call after a compute node is started. Integrations: Added information to the Neon Vercel Integration UI to indicate that Neon securely stores passwords. Neon stores a database user's password in a secure storage vault associated with the Neon project.
  • UI: Removed the previously deprecated Pooler enabled option from the Edit Compute Endpoint dialog. Connection pooling is now enabled for individual connection strings instead of compute endpoints. For more information, see Connection pooling.
  • UI: The Usage widget in the Neon Dashboard now shows the start date for the project usage metrics shown in the widget.
  • UI: Added a link to the Pro badge that appears in the Neon Console for users that have upgraded to Neon's Pro plan. Clicking the badge directs you to the Billing page in the Neon Console.
  • UI: Added a documentation link and text to the Roles page in the Neon Console explaining the purpose of roles.
  • UI: Added hover help to the PRIMARY branch badge that identifies a branch as the primary branch for a project. The help message states that the compute endpoint associated with the primary branch remains accessible if you exceed project limits, ensuring uninterrupted access to the data on your primary branch.
  • UI: Corrected an issue that directed users to a Something went wrong page after creating a branch without a compute endpoint.
  • UI: Added missing endpoint_id to the connection examples accessible from the Connection Details widget on the Neon Dashboard.
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