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Neon October Update

Features we shipped and things we did in October

October has been a great month. We improved query performance for larger databases, added support for the PostgreSQL15 version, we strengthened our relationships with the Postgres ecosystem and the community. Here is a list of some things we have done this month.

Create a Neon project on Hasura

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We were very excited to introduce Neon’s partnership with Hasura on October 18th, 2022, we didn’t anticipate the success of Neon’s integration into the Hasura console to create their GraphQL API on top of Neon’s Serverless Postgres.

Since the announcement, over a thousand developers have created a Neon project. We can’t wait to see what you will build using Hasura and Neon.

Support for PostgreSQL 15 projects

Neon PostgrSQL 15 support

We announced support for PostgreSQL 15 at the PGConf Europe. You can create a PostgreSQL 15 project on Neon’s console and try some of the newest features, such as the MERGE query.

New Extensions

Neon Postgres Extensions

In addition to PostGIS (shipped in September), we added support to two other extensions: plv8 and h3_pg. We’re working on adding more extensions to Neon. For information about supported extensions, see Available PostgreSQL extensions.

See everything we shipped on Neon’s release notes page.

Community highlights: 

Neon Community Highlight October 2022

Migrate from Heroku

Import data from Heroku to Neon

Import your data from Heroku PostgreSQL to your Neon project. Follow the instructions in our documentation, or watch the Migrate Heroku PostgrSQL to Neon video on YouTube.

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