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Introducing the Neon integration on WunderGraph

Learn how to connect your Neon project to WunderGraph using our newly released integration

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WunderGraph is an open-source Backend for Frontend (BFF) Framework designed to optimize Developer Workflows through API Composition. Developers can compose multiple APIs into a single unified interface and generate typesafe API clients that include authentication and file uploads.

The WunderGraph team recently launched a Neon integration for WunderGraph Cloud, a managed service for deploying your WunderGraph APIs. The integration syncs your Neon database settings and automatically sets the database connection string.

We decided to integrate with Neon because it just made sense. We wanted to bring the best DX to our users, and serverless Postgres just fits in our vision for a serverless world. Neon is a blast to work with. It’s easy, the UI is clean and DX is fluid. There isn’t a learning curve since it’s Postgres, and their integration works very nicely with WunderGraph.

Stefan Avram, Co-Founder & Head of Growth at WunderGraph 

Final Thoughts

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Wundergraph, as we share a common vision of enhancing software development by increasing the productivity of developers.
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