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Neon is now on Discord

We're excited to announce that we've created a Neon Discord community!

Neon's on Discord
Neon’s on Discord

Neon’s user base and community continue to grow and, based on your feedback, we’ve created another avenue for you to connect and collaborate. Our Discord server will foster connection and collaboration between you and our team, support a Q&A forum, and enable you to provide us with feedback.

We chose Discord as the platform for hosting this community space due to its feature set and the fact that many of you are already familiar with it. You can join now by visiting our Discord invite link.

Here are a few reasons we’re excited to be on Discord:

Forum Channels

Discord provides forum channels, an ideal format for creating a questions and answers space, complete with search features.

The Relaxed Atmosphere

Community spaces should have a welcoming atmosphere that makes members feel comfortable engaging with us and other community members. Discord tends to be less fussy about formalities than other platforms, and we see that as a good thing!

Video and Real-time Engagement

Audio and video are first-class features of Discord. Powerful features like stage channels will enable us to host webinars and other live events where our team and community can interact.

Onboarding and Moderation

Discord’s community onboarding feature enables us to define a pleasant onboarding flow and ensure members have read our rules and have relevant roles applied to their profiles.

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We’re looking forward to chatting with you on Discord and to the collaboration and sense of community it will foster!