In Neon, you can provision Postgres databases in < 1s. Don't believe us? Check out this demo

Neon at Percona Live 2022

How Neon provides free production-ready Postgres projects with one click

Percona Live, the biggest open source database conference took place in Texas on May 16, 2022, and we were happy to be a part of it.

Neon is a database focused on Developer Experience (DevX) and DevX was one of the conversation topics at the conference. Percona’s poll results showed a significant yearly increase of companies that run over 1000 databases in production, despite the complex cross-team effort that’s required to do that. We believe that empowering developers with cheap, easy, and managed self-service of their essential tools is the way forward.

In my talk about Neon, I showed how to get a free cloud Postgres with one click, in a few seconds. Then I presented the architecture that makes this possible and finally showed some other DevX features that are enabled by that same architecture (scale-to-zero, branching, time travel, pitr, etc.)

Neon at Percona Live 2022

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