In Neon, you can provision Postgres databases in < 1s. Don't believe us? Check out this demo

Add an interface to your Neon database via Outerbase

Run queries in natural language, visualize data, and collaborate with your team

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We are beyond excited to announce that the Outerbase integration for Neon is now publicly available.

This integration enables you to instantly connect your Neon Postgres database to Outerbase’s Data Studio and invite your team to view, edit, query, and visualize your data with you. To learn how to connect Outerbase to your Neon project, check out this guide.

What is Outerbase? 

Outerbase’s mission is to democratize data access, helping everyone get access to the data they need independently of their role or background. 

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With Data Studio, users can easily edit and query data from various databases, including Neon. Its intuitive interface supports collaborative data exploration, allowing teams to invite teammates to view, edit, query, and visualize data together.

Outerbase’s AI integration takes this a step further by enabling users to perform complex SQL tasks using natural language, making data manipulation accessible even to those without advanced SQL knowledge.

Outerbase also includes data visualization tools that help create concise and beautiful charts and dashboards, making it easier to present and interpret data.

Explore Neon collaboratively via Outerbase Data Studio

Outerbase simplifies data exploration for everyone, whether you are a solo-founder or part of a large organization. Once you have connected your Neon Postgres database through the Outerbase integration, you can invite your teammates and start querying your data.

With Outerbase’s Data Studio, you can edit data, update schemas, create tables, and more. You manage multiple Neon databases from a single interface. Its built-in filters, sorting, and queries make data management intuitive and efficient no matter your skill level. Outerbase also allows you and your team to write and save SQL queries, ensuring everyone has access to the same data views.

Ask data questions in natural language

Outerbase doesn’t just make data exploration easy—it makes querying easy too. Using Outerbase AI, powered by state-of-the-art AI models and their EZQL™ framework, you can generate SQL queries with natural language. Just ask a question, and let the AI do all the heavy lifting.

It can also help you create new schemas and data to help you kick start your next project. AI can also generate data visualizations to present your data clearly.

Data visualization and dashboarding

You can also use Outerbase to create beautiful charts and share them with your team. It supports all the popular visualization types. You can also use SQL variables to filter time ranges, categories, and so much more.

Start exploring

We are so excited for you to try this integration. If you’re a Neon user, you can sign up to Outerbase for free and get started.  We would also love your feedback: share it in the Neon Discord or email us at