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Meet the team

The Neon team consists of PostgreSQL contributors and technologists on a mission to create a cloud-native database service for every developer. Neon CEO is Nikita Shamgunov, co-founder of MemSQL / SingleStore.

  • Nikita Shamgunov

    Nikita Shamgunov


  • Heikki Linnakangas

    Heikki Linnakangas


  • Stas Kelvich

    Stas Kelvich


  • Alexey Kondratov

    Alexey Kondratov

    Software Engineer

  • Anna Stepanyan

    Anna Stepanyan

    Head of Product

  • Atli Cervantes

    Atli Cervantes

    Developer Experience Engineer

  • Daniel Price

    Daniel Price

    Technical Writer

  • Raouf Chebri

    Raouf Chebri

    Developer Advocate

  • Kate Klink

    Kate Klink

    Growth & Marketing Manager

  • Bojan Serafimov

    Bojan Serafimov

    Software Engineer

  • Anastasia Lubennikova

    Anastasia Lubennikova

    Software Engineer

  • Matthias van de Meent

    Matthias van de Meent

    Software Engineer

  • Arseny Sher

    Arseny Sher

    Software Engineer

  • Konstantin Knizhnik

    Konstantin Knizhnik

    Software Engineer

  • Lassi Pölönen

    Lassi Pölönen

    Site Reliability Engineer

    • Dmitry Ivanov

      Dmitry Ivanov

      Software Engineer

    • Polina Semenova

      Polina Semenova

      Software Engineer

    • Rory de Zoete

      Rory de Zoete

      Lead Site Reliability Engineer

    • Dmitry Rodionov

      Dmitry Rodionov

      Software Engineer

    • Arthur Petukhovsky

      Arthur Petukhovsky

      Software Engineer

    • Adrian Torres

      Adrian Torres

      People Operations Manager

    • Kirill Bulatov

      Kirill Bulatov

      Software Engineer

    • Irina Hliabovich

      Irina Hliabovich

      Chief of Staff

    • Egor Suvorov

      Egor Suvorov

      Software Engineer

    • Andrey Taranik

      Andrey Taranik

      Site Reliability Engineer

    • Daniil Efimov

      Daniil Efimov

      Software Engineer

    • Anton Chaporgin

      Anton Chaporgin

      Software Engineer

    • Sergey Melnikov

      Sergey Melnikov

      Site Reliability Engineer

    • Alexander Bayandin

      Alexander Bayandin

      Lead QA Automation Engineer

    • Eduard Dyckman

      Eduard Dyckman

      Software Engineer

    • Kliment Serafimov

      Kliment Serafimov

      Software Engineer

    • Anastasia Sushko

      Anastasia Sushko

      Business Operations Manager

      • Diana Sikorskaya

        Diana Sikorskaya

        People Partner

        • Max Sharnoff

          Max Sharnoff

          Software Engineer

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