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Pre-Feb 2024 Pricing Plans

New Pricing Plans were made available on 19 February 2024. Customers on the platform before February 19th who were active on the Pro Plan can switch over to a new plan, or remain on the Pro plan until 1 April 2024. Users active on the Free plan before February 19th will be migrated to the updated Free Plan by 1 March 2024.

Pre-2024 Free Plan

Pre-2024 Pro Plan

$0 per month $3+ per month
Storage Limit of 3 GiB $0.000164 per GiB-Hour
Compute Time:
100 hours active time/month
on 0.25 vCPU 1GB RAM
$0.102 per Compute-hour
Written data $0.09600 per GiB
Data transfer $0.09000 per GiB

Free plan users with a project with storage exceeding the new 0.5 GiB limits will see the limit for that project remain at 3 GiB to minimize disruption to their usage.