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Focus on building applications with time and money-saving features like instant provisioning, autoscaling according to load, and scale to zero.

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Instantly branch your data and schema to access isolated DB copies for development, CI/CD, and schema migrations with copy-on-write storage.

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Trusted in production by thousands of teams.

  • Vercel
  • Zimmer Biomet
  • Retool
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • outfront7
  • akqa

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Integrate it into your language or framework within minutes and unlock a simpler developer workflow.

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import { neon } from '@neondatabase/serverless';

export async function GET() {
    const sql = neon(process.env.DATABASE_URL);

    const rows = await sql("SELECT * FROM posts");

    return Response.json({ rows })

Lightning fast. Edge ready.

The Neon serverless driver, designed for fast queries over HTTP

import { neon } from '@neondatabase/ serverless';const sql = neon('postgresql://');const posts = await sql('SELECT * FROM posts');Get the Serverless Driver

Better database.
For modern workflows.

Boost your performance with instant read replicas. They scale down to zero when idle and don't use additional storage.

Easy database ops via the API and CLI. Manage thousands of databases programmatically.

Instant Point-in-time recovery. Up to 30 days granularity down to the transaction or second.

Unleashing Cutting-
Edge AI Applications.

The HNSW index algorithm streamlines performance, making high-dimensional vector search remarkably efficient.

Power your AI apps with Postgres
ReliableScalabilityHigh compatibilityBlazingly fast searchWorks with PGVECTORWorks with langchain;

Thousands of databases.
Zero overhead.

Use the Neon API to deploy database-per-tenant architectures. Scale to fleets of thousands of databases without touching a server. Rest easy knowing scale to zero keeps costs low.

Industry leaders
trust Neon

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Neon allows us to develop much faster than we’ve even been used to

Alex Klarfeld
Alex Klarfeld CEO and co-founder of

Neon's serverless philosophy is aligned with our vision: no infrastructure to manage, no servers to provision, no database cluster to maintain

Edouard Bonlieu
Edouard Bonlieu Co-founder at Koyeb

The killer feature that convinced us to use Neon was branching: it keeps our engineering velocity high

Léonard Henriquez
Léonard Henriquez Co-founder and CTO,

We've been able to automate virtually all database tasks via the Neon API, saving us a tremendous amount of time and engineering effort

Himanshu Bhandoh
Himanshu Bhandoh Software Engineer at Retool

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