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Serverless Postgres

The fully managed serverless Postgres with a generous free tier. We separate storage and compute to offer autoscaling, branching, and bottomless storage.

Powering 500,000+ databases for developers and partners

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Made for developers

Launch serverless Postgres with a single command

$ psql -h
  • Scalable

    Compute scales dynamically to ensure you're ready for peak hours.

  • Cost efficient

    Compute scales to zero and cold storage offloads to S3 for cost efficiency.

  • Easy to use

    Create a fully managed serverless Postgres instance in seconds.

On-demand scalability

We separate storage and compute to make on-demand scalability possible. Compute activates on an incoming connection and scales to zero when not in use.

Compute is fully client-compatible with Postgres because a Neon compute is Postgres.

Neon dynamically adjusts the allocation of compute resources based on workload.

Bottomless storage

We designed our storage from the ground up as a fault tolerant scale-out system built for the cloud. It integrates with cloud object stores such as S3 to offload cold data for cost optimization. Our storage architecture ensures high availability, scale out, and unlimited capacity that we call "bottomless storage".

Neon storage uses the "copy-on-write" technique to deliver database branching, online checkpointing, and point-in-time restore. This eliminates expensive full-data backup and restore operations required with traditional database-as-a-service systems.

Our storage technology is open source and written in Rust.

Database branching

Neon allows you to instantly branch your Postgres database to support modern development workflows. You can create branches for test environments and for every deployment in your CI/CD pipeline.

Branches are created using the "copy on write" technique, making them virtually free.

Read more about database branching

Postgres at your fingertips with the Neon CLI

Use the CLI to manage Neon directly from the terminal.

Learn moreabout Neon CLI
neonctl projects create --name mynewproject --region-id aws-us-west-2
 Id                │ Name         │ Region Id     │ Created At           │
 muddy-wood-859533 │ mynewproject │ aws-us-west-2 │ 2023-07-09T17:04:29Z │

Perfect for SaaS

SaaS companies use Neon to maximize engineering velocity and minimize costs. Our serverless architecture reduces compute and storage expenses. Specifically, Neon's autoscaling capabilities prevent over-provisioning and paying for under-utilized instances.

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