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Technical Preview Free Tier

The Neon cloud service is available for free during the Technical Preview. For information about how the Technical Preview fits within Neon's release plans, please refer to the Neon roadmap.

The Technical Preview Free Tier has the following limits:

  • 1 Neon project
  • 10 branches, with a limit of 3GB of data per branch
  • 3 compute endpoints, each with up to 1 vCPU and 4GB of RAM (with 512MB of RAM allocated to PostgreSQL shared buffers)
  • A point-in-time restore window of 7 days of reasonable usage


Neon intends to offer a Free Tier beyond the Technical Preview period. The limits associated with that tier will be defined in the coming months. Technical Preview Free Tier limits are subject to change over the course of the Technical Preview.

Data Size

Neon stores data in its own internal format. The data size limit in the Technical Preview free tier applies to the logical size of your branch. The logical size is the sum of all database sizes in the branch of your project. For information about checking the size of the data in your branch, see Check the data size.

Point-in-time restore

Neon storage consumes extra space in order to support point-in-time restore, which enables you to restore your data to a historical state. Historical data is stored in log-based format.

Neon limits the amount of modification history that is stored in the Technical Preview Free Tier.

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