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Run a Vercel and Next.js app


Vercel is a serverless platform used by developers for web hosting and other web services with the benefit of automatic scaling and smooth deployment; it also allows you to deploy your Next.js applications with full-on support.

Create a Next.js project

First, Create a next.js project if you don't have one.

Create a Neon project

Next, create a Neon Project for your app. You can configure your database schema from Neon Console or using tools like Prisma.

Add PostgreSQL client

Add PostgreSQL client to your app. In this example we used postgres.js, but feel free to choose another one.

Add Neon credentials

Add your Neon credentials to the .env file.


You can use either a connection string or connection options separately.

Connect to the Database with a PostgreSQL client and Neon Credentials

Connect to the database with PostgreSQL client and your Neon credentials from your api handlers or server functions.

import postgres from 'postgres';

const sql = postgres({
  host: process.env.NEON_HOST,
  port: process.env.NEON_PORT,
  database: process.env.NEON_DB,
  username: process.env.NEON_USER,
  password: process.env.NEON_PASS,

const result = await sql.uafe(req.body);

Note: Do not ever expose your Neon credentials to the browser.