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Run a Java app

Connect with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

The JDBC API is a Java API for relational databases. PostgreSQL has a well-supported open-source JDBC driver which can be used to access Neon. All popular Java frameworks use JDBC internally, so the only thing you need to do is use a correct connection URL.

To get a JDBC connection URL, replace placeholders with your credentials in the following template:


For more information about JDBC, refer to the standard JDBC API documentation and PostgreSQL JDBC Driver documentation.

Using from Spring Data

Spring relies on JDBC and PostgreSQL driver to connect to PostgreSQL databases. If you are starting your project with Spring Initializr, do not forget to add PostgreSQL Driver as a dependency. If you have an existing project, ensure driver dependency is installed.

The only configuration required for connection is a datasource URL. It should be specified inside file in the following format: